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Feb 12, 2024

🔴 Attention: Potential Scam Alert!

It has come to our attention that individuals claiming to represent AdwayCreative have been contacting individuals through various channels including WhatsApp and Telegram, offering online job opportunities. These messages may appear enticing, promising easy tasks and lucrative rewards. However, we have reason to believe that these communications may be fraudulent and could potentially be part of a scam operation.

The messages often follow a pattern where the sender requests personal information, asks for completion of simple tasks, and promises payment in cryptocurrency. They may also provide links to external websites or platforms for registration or further instructions.

Please exercise caution if you receive such messages. Do not disclose any personal or financial information, and refrain from engaging in any activities or tasks requested by these individuals. It is advisable to block and report the sender immediately to prevent further contact.

Remember, legitimate companies typically do not recruit or conduct business through unsolicited messages on social media or messaging platforms. Always verify the authenticity of any job offer or communication before taking any action.

If you have been targeted by such messages or have any concerns about potential scams, please report the incident to the appropriate authorities or contact our support team for assistance.

Stay vigilant and protect yourself against online scams.

Iliya Avramov
CEO of AdwayCreative Digital Marketing and Advertising Company